Messages for Makers

Connect better with interactive messages you craft to express yourself, with touch

What is a Touchgram?

A touchgram is a message that reacts differently when you touch the screen. When you create a touchgram, you specify touches as taps, swipes, tickles or gestures to follow. The person receiving the message gets the interactive experience you designed, like that shown in the gifs here.

What can I create with a Touchgram?

In v1 you can create a multi-page Touchgram with effects as you change pages. Each page has a photo or color background and can sense many different touches.
You can also play sounds or show simple alerts.

See this walk-through article or our YouTube Channel.

What will I be able to do soon?

Touchgram is continually being improved. You can see the detailed roadmap here. Also keep an eye out for the Family version coming with Android support.

1st generation mobile messaging: Text

2nd generation mobile messaging: Emotion (Emoji)
BlackBerry / iMessage

3rd generation mobile messaging: Animation (GIFs)
GIPHY / FaceBook Messenger / Stickers

4th generation mobile messaging: Interactivity (Touch)
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