Touchgram Family is coming soon

Our first Touchgram product is within Apple iMessage.

For Android users, especially younger ones, we will support low-end devices. Touchgram Family runs on simple tablets and phones you can afford to give to a four year-old or other people who are tough on devices. 

Touchgram Family also runs on any iOS devices - iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. You don't have to expose your children to iMessage.

One of the biggest inspirations for Touchgram came from a Mom working regularly away from home (read the whole story) who asked me:

Could I send a picture of my foot home to my toddler, and, when she tickles my foot, she would hear me laugh?

As any parent or friend of a young child knows, 2-6yo children are often awesomely digitally literate skilled users of touch devices, well before they learn to read and write.

If you have a long-distance relationship with such a child, you can probably chat in real-time via voice or video. There is no equivalent of email or text messaging that works for them. The idea for is to move communication into their world. Using touch interfaces, build interactive messages where the message is more like the experience they have mastered.

One of the world's top academics in the field of safe use of devices by young children is advising us on how to make this a safe, fun and usable experience .

Coming in 2022.