Touchgram Investors

We are not yet looking for investors but welcome the chance to start conversations. Touchgram is unique in providing rich messaging, with a patent granted and in progress in various countries.

Investment opportunities will be opened up later in 2020 after more traction is established. The early App Store launch in September 2019 was immensely valuable getting feedback from adopters around the world.

We are interested in investors with a focus on supporting better family and inter-personal connections.

Touchgram private messaging (future) includes an advertising opportunity, with a distinct privacy twist. Investors with an interest in advertising broking and sourcing are very welcome.

​​Monetisation Strategies

There are five main strategies being rolled out in Touchgram, which you can see in our roadmap.

  • Asset Store
    The store provides a 3rd-party resale market for all kinds of assets that could be used to compose a Touchgram, up to and including full Touchgrams or special Templates that just require a bit of completion. These are the equivalent of digital greeting cards on other platforms. Apple take their usual 30% cut for digital assets and our take will be a further 10% leaving 60% to the artist. Note that, unlike sites where images are downloaded, Touchgram apps manage the entire store access and playback experience. The artist credits are preserved even through in delivered messages.
  • Pro Tools Subscription
    With the growth of features that let you build more complex Touchgrams, some of those features will not be available to users for free to create messages. You will always be able to play a Touchgram created with advanced features. One Pro Tool feature will allow locking out the View Source command so people cannot see how a Touchgram works. A Pro Tools subscription will be required if people want to create templates such as near-complete greeting cards to publish in the asset store or share with friends. 
  • Masked Messaging
    Masked messages hide content depending on when they are played or how many times they have been played, providing a rich variation of the vanishing messageTouchgram's content engine and persistent properties give us a lot of flexibility in providing alternative behaviour, including showing what look like plain adverts.
  • Data Centre Subscription
    Total privacy means we can never guarantee to use a data centre in your country because we don't know where that is. However, you will be able to buy a subscription which lets you pick the data centre used and also control the lifespan of messages in the cloud.
  • Parental Dashboard Subscription
    As part of the product, additional information will be available in parental control app by paying a small subscription.