Touchgram Needs Artists!

Touchgram messages use visual art as backgrounds and, also,  sounds you trigger by touch. Other asset types will be added in future.

Newsflash! Touchgram v1.2.2 is live on the App Store adding Image & Sound reuse from any other app or drag-and-drop from your Mac.

Some people have expressed interest in also creating entire Touchgram templates, like a digital greeting card where the user just fills in a few words. You will need a Pro Tools subscription, coming in November 2020, to create these templates.

Touchgram is safer for artists because we control both creating and playing a message. Your work is never just visible on a website to the user, who could download files. It's always played back within Touchgram

If you are an artist or know artists, please fill in our survey below for the needs of artists. What do you need to make you feel safe selling your art online?

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