Touchgram Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

App Users

We don't know who you are and we keep no data about you.

Your messages and all content you create with Touchgram products is private, stored on your devices.

Touchgram for iMessageā„¢ sends messages using Appleā„¢ messaging systems and your content traveling through Apple's system is protected in the same way as any other message. We provide additional encryption on top of Apple's inbuilt message encryption. Content for larger messages is uploaded to cloud services whilst in-transit. Because we don't know anything about you, there is no way to guarantee that such cloud services are in your country.

We have no personally identifying information recorded in the app or associated with app sales and thus there is nothing we can provide under the terms of the Australian "AABill". We have no data to be removed under the European GDPR, CCPA or similar legislation.

Signed up

If you sent us contact details via Twitter or a signup form on this or related websites then that information is retained in our secure contacts system. It is not linked to this website. Our contacts info is stored under the ZOHO Privacy Terms.

Contact information you give us is never associated with the app. 

Asset providers and Other Parties

If you have a business relationship with Touchgram Pty Ltd that information is retained in our secure contacts system. It is not linked to this website.

Contact information you give us  is never associated with the app, unless you explicitly provide such information as part of art assets put on sale in the Touchgram Store. 

In your store listings, you may reveal details as you like associated with art assets. 

Touchgram app users will be able to see those details when they view or purchase your art.

Website visitors

We have optional cookies on the site which are used to track visitors purely to improve the site. They let us see where people come from and which pages are visited. 

Use of cookies for site improvement has no implication beyond your visits to these pages.

The Touchgram family of apps have no tracking technology built into them and operate completely independently of anything on this site.